Monday, June 29, 2009

Still Out There

I'm still out there.  Perhaps in more ways than one.

I know I haven't been posting much here (big shock, I know), but I have been posting a lot on the other site listed below about MG's (OK, it's 'Deb' - feel better?) surgery and recovery.  Still, once in a while I get a pass to go out on a ride.  I've gotten out two or three times during her recovery period, but I won't complain.  It's better than none.

On one of my rides I discovered something I didn't already know, though I might have suspected it.  Apparently, Hummer H3's are not required to stop at Stop signs in this state (or maybe it's all states?).  I take this revelation from empirical observations taken in a Farragut (West Knox County) suburban area.  Not one observation, but three, all in the space of twenty minutes and each observation was with a different vehicle (I can only assume it was a different driver).  Amazing, huh?

My latest ride was on Saturday with Joshua.  We'd planned on a greenway ride, but we modified the plan heavily.  The greenway runs through Volunteer Landing (by the water), but Joshua remembered that a wakeboarding competition was going on, so we took a major detour that led us across the river, behind the UT hospital, up a major climb (that reminded the 400 lb gorilla what its raison d'etre is), and  behind the old Baptist hospital building (where we could look down at the wakeboarders from a bluff high above).  We also ended up taking a big detour on the way back to stop for ice cream at Market Square, but that was only for the social experiment aspect of it.  Right.

My bike club is having a major ride on Sunday, which we call our 4th of July ride, even though it will be on the 5th.  No, we're not delusional.  I got a call from Ron tonight while I was driving home, so at least I know that he and Wally will be there, and I suspect Joshua as well.  There are three ride options:  100 miles, 62 miles, and 36 (or so) miles.  I think we'll be taking the short ride, but only because we want to get back and help grill hamburgers for everybody else.  Right (probably we'll serve best as 'food tasters').  Actually, I figure it's good to ride with those guys because they've all been riding about as much as I have this year (although I think Joshua has been a good bit more).

Stay tuned to this channel later this summer, though.  Some people have heard already, but the big news at Casa de Big Guy is an impending move across the country to Seattle, a cycling-friendly city if I ever saw one.  I will be posting more about that (especially if I don't have a job right away - MG's job is why we're moving in the first place).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm going to be posting a bit for the next little while, but not here. I'll be over at for now.