Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Think I’m Having Problems With My…Um, Wait, What Was I Talking About?

Today was the third race in the KnoxieCross ’07 series. I got there at about 10:00 am and found the weather to be surprisingly warm. And then the sun went behind the clouds. There we were (I’m referring here to the scorekeepers), sitting or standing in one place, in the middle of a big open field where the wind can come right across the water and chill us to the bone. Worse for me, I’m the one doing the computer work and can't wear gloves like the guys who only have to write numbers on paper. Happily (for me), John B. had a pair of fingerless gloves he let me borrow. They had a little mitten-like end attached to them, so I could pull that over my fingers when I had a few moments between riders coming through. John almost didn't get them back at the end of the day.

We had the largest field I think we've ever had before, and certainly the most the the Junior category. Those kids were really giving a lot out there. I remember commenting that I wish we'd had races like this I could have participated in when I was growing up.

Here's part of the problem I've had with creative writing lately. I usually think of a great subject for a post at some time or another during the day. Really, I do - almost every day. The problem is, by the time I get home and I'm sitting in front of the keyboard, the idea has disappeared into the ether. I can't tell you how many times I've sat staring at my monitor trying like anything to remember what the heck* it was I'd been planning out earlier.

It's not really a new problem, to be perfectly honest, but a year ago I had a bigger backlog I'd built up during times when the creative juices were really flowing (I can remember having written three completely separate posts in one afternoon before). My backlog is long gone, and at about the same time my muse decided to take a long sabbatical. I'm still trying to coax her back to work.

I also used to carry a pocket calendar/appointment book with me everywhere. I used to jot done little key phrases that would prompt me to remember things I been thinking of earlier. Sadly, I lost it. I'd gotten it from MG (it was a promotional item she'd gotten at work), but she didn't get one this year.

Even today I thought of a post subject while MG was driving us downtown for a late lunch/early dinner. I remember that, as I often do, I'd thought out about the first paragraph or two of it. Now? Gone. I only recall that I'd thought of something, but I have no recollection of what that something was.

I guess I just need to break down and actually buy a pocket appointment book for 2007. Either that, or I'll have to start writing stuff on my hands and just not wash them until I get home.

* 'Heck' is the nicer version of the word I might normally want to use.

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Sis said...

Okay, maybe its not your creative juices, just your 40+ memory that's causing the problem since you're having ideas, but forgetting them at night when you are tired. I don't have the planner thing, but have learned the coolest trick. I have voicemail both at work and at home, so when I have a really important thought (like a blog idea - or something I need to bring from one place to the other the next day), I call myself at the other phone and leave myself a message. It has worked wonders. Just last Thursday, I called the house from work to remind me to bring the laptop in on Friday. I got home after a 13 hour day (dead tired), got the message, got the laptop off the couch and put it with my purse, and actually remembered to take it to work the next day. Better than a planner (Email works similarly for work, but not home since I don't check the home email every day).