Thursday, February 01, 2007


It's settled. Once and for all, it's finally been established for all time. MG and I will no longer celebrate Valentines Day. We aren't really boycotting it; we're ignoring it. It's just never been a big favorite of ours. And like Christmas, it's gotten too commercialized.

We've never had great success with celebrating it anyway. For our first Valentines Day, MG was sick. I showed up at her house, delivered her a box of candy, and left so she could go back to bed. For the next several I was in college and couldn't necessarily make it home on February 14th. One year I tried driving from my college to hers on Valentines Day (on a Friday that year), but I got caught up in an accident on the interstate that mangled my car, so I spent the night at my sister's (near the half-way point) and had to borrow her car the next day to finish the trip. Lately we've just gotten weary of the crush of people all trying to spend that perfect evening with their sweetheart while packed into a loud, not so intimate local restaurant (and likely waiting for 20 to 30 minutes for their table with all the other couples in the lobby).

Am I jaded? Good question. Maybe. But we've come up with an alternative. Now we celebrate a different holiday with the same fervor that some reserve for Valentines. It's also a holiday that encourages you to share fellowship with lots of people, and not just one other person.

And besides, St. Patrick's Day is still named after a saint.

Trivia Stuff
There are Rules to follow when answering and a place to send your answers as well. Let's just jump right in.

1. Today is the Feast Day of one of Ireland's secondary patron saints. Rumor has it she was named after one of Ireland's pagan gods of yore. Who is she?

2. What is the only X-rated movie to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture (and Best Director)?

3. What was the last G-rated film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?

4. What two teams faced each other in the very first Super Bowl way back in 1967?

5. What Augustinian monk is considered to be the father of modern genetics?


Mocha said...

Can I claim that Mr. Mocha did a terrible job this last Christmas and I'm due for a good gift?

Big Guy on a Bicycle said...

A terrible job? Hmm.

It's my policy to stay out of domestic squabbles, be they my own or someone else's...