Thursday, September 28, 2006

Timing Is Eveything

If I was going to have to have another catastrophic clavicle-breaking accident, I really did pick the best time to do it. Why, you might ask? Well, it seems that my orthopeadic surgeon’s clinic is going to stop accepting my insurance carrier’s coverage after October 1st of this year. Why? I don’t know, but I can’t say I’m surprised. My carrier’s service is the absolute pits in my opinion, and if I had another choice through my employer (or Mrs. Guy’s, but her insurance carrier is the same) I would take it, even if it meant paying more. I really miss my old HMO, but when I went from one Division in my company to my current one, I lost that choice.

Does that mean I couldn’t have him do the surgery anymore? Well, I could, but I’d have to do all of the filing myself (and wait eight months or more to be reimbursed) and I would have to pay a lot more for it out-of-pocket. Not the best of situations for me.

Other than that, the timing wasn’t so great. I was really just getting back into the swing of things when the wreck happened. I had been going to do a local century ride in mid-October, and I had some small hopes of being able to be on a relay team for the 12 Hour Race on October 28th. Not anymore, I guess. Although I guess it will work out a little better for John B. now.

I had lunch with John B. yesterday. We talked about a bunch of stuff, but the biggest thing we discussed was that I will now be able to devote my full assistance to helping with the running of the race. He did have a good idea for me. One of the things that riders have commented on in the past is that they wish there were more pictures available of them racing out on the course. Since John knows that Mrs. Guy and I have discussed setting up our photography business, he thought I could spend my daylight hours shooting photographs and then head back and either help with the computer tracking stuff (giving Jay N. a break) and maybe even start downloading some of the photos. It’s a good idea, but I don’t know if I can get our business set up quite that soon. I’ll definitely look into it though, and it might even be possible that I could do it as part of his business’s race event (as a consultant, maybe) if I can’t get incorporated that fast.

Well, I guess we’ll see how that bit of timing works out, eh?

I feel that I should say thanks to the following people for their help and support following the accident. First, Mike P., who did the first assessment on me while I was still sitting in the ditch (I hadn't realized that he was an ER doc until that day, but when he started off by checking my cervical vertebrae, it kinda tipped me off). He also called the ER while I was there and talked to the attending doc about the type of trauma involved.

Thanks go to Robin, whose last name I never found out, who was passing by and offered to drive me and Allen the 25 miles back to Wally's house, and our bikes as well. She wins the "Good Samaritan" award.

Thanks to Jay N. for driving me to the ER and staying with me until Mrs. Guy could get there. I hope I didn't get blood on his (or Robin's) car.

Thanks to Philippe and Silvie for bringing my stuff to me at the ER (the street clothes and my wallet that had been locked in John H.'s car at Wally's).

Thanks to John H. and Wally for getting together to get my car back to my house. Wally and Holly drove way out of their way to bring my car to me.

Thanks to Duane for coming by the house to see me, coming way out of his way.

Thanks to my parents for coming down and spending the better part of two weeks with me while Mrs. Guy had to go back out of town on business. Thanks to She-mom as well, who is here now (since I'm still not allowed to walk the dogs myself).

Thanks to Kelly for coming to see me at the hospital following my surgery (and also for waiting until the day after surgery, when I wasn't so groggy-tired).

Thanks to all the people who called or send cards or emails, including Ron, John B., Elle (who is still recovering from her own injurues), John H., Randy & Christy, Step-She-Mom-in-law
& the half-sisters-in-law, Jon C., Jeff S., Sis, "other George", and so many others that I hate that I don't have room to type out all of them.

Let's not do this again.

Trivia will reappear tomorrow, after which I will try to go back to the "on Thursdays" schedule.

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