Friday, September 01, 2006

Out the Door

Tonight was a 52 night. I was going to post my review, but I don't have time for a full post, so I'll do it tomorrow.

I spent part of the day at work (four hours), and then came home and installed a new storm door on the front of the house. They say it's easy. Maybe if I had an extra arm or a clone of myself. Maybe they mean that it's easy for two to install. I actually didn't quite finish before going to dinner, but it only took me about 20 minutes to complete it once we got home. I also have one for our back door onto the deck. At least I now have the experience of installing one, so it should go a little faster (I hope).
OK, today is the day that I post the answers for the first set of trivia questions that were posted on this site and not the old one. Here they are:

1. What was the first James Bond:007 film to star Sean Connery? Dr. No was his first, followed by many other fine movies.

2. I’m standing in a pool of water and yell “Marco!” What should you do? I really didn't know about posting this question, but I'm glad I did. You should yell "Polo" and try to get out of my way. I didn't mention that I was blindfolded when I yelled "Marco", but I think anyone who would have gotten it got it anyway.

3. If I go to a store and ask to buy a product in ‘HO Scale’, what am I likely buying? I'd be buying model train equipment. I haven't had a model train since I was a child, but I do remember that it was 'HO' scale. I know a guy who has about $15,000 invested in an 'N' scale set-up that takes up much of his basement.

4. C8H10N4O2 is the molecular formula for what popular substance? Ah, caffeine, the legal drug. Without it I might never make it through a day at work.

5. What are the red properties in Monopoly (that is, name them)? Mrs. Guy came up with this one for me over dinner last week, and I thought it was brilliant. They are, in no particular order, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.

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