Monday, August 28, 2006


That's what I did yesterday. I painted. I painted a countertop I'm building (well, I put polyurethane on it, but I did use a paintbrush). I finished painting the master bath. I painted the front and rear door frames. I didn't get much else done ('cept laundry), but that was enough to keep me busy. I certainly didn't get to ride any.

Today at work I was outside all morning climbing ladders and such. It wasn't an especially hot day, but I got overheated anyway, likely from the exertion and humidity as much as from anything else. I still don't feel fully recovered from that. So I didn't ride tonight.

I really must ride tomorrow. Going more that two days in a row off of the bike can be detrimental to my conditioning, my overall weight-loss program, and not least of all my sanity. Maybe I should say "especially my sanity."

I'm starting to go through withdrawals.

...and the mountain bike is calling me... (Soon, soon. Be patient just a little longer.)

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Anonymous said...

mountain bike?????

61 days til 12 hour race.


teams are forming.........