Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I sepnt my morning wandering around in a hot and humid building escorting a couple of subcontract bidders around so they could do estimates. I was wearing a reflective vest due to potential traffic in the building. Vests are not very well ventivated. It didn't take much (plus climbing up and down a few sets of stairs a few dozen times) to drench my shirt. Yuck.

I went to lunch with a few coworkers after I'd had a little time to cool (and dry) off. It started raining while we were gone, so I got to walk back through the parking lot from the far end (all the close-up places disappear during lunch) through the rain. Hmm. Wet again.

This evening I was planning on riding, but the thunderstorms have hit my part of East Tennessee. That stopped my from riding, but it didn't stop me from feeling that I needed to do something about the dead-flat tire on the station wagon. It wasn't raining hard while I was changing it, but I worked up another good sweat while doing it, plus the little bit of rain that was falling. Soaking wet again.

I was considering riding to the Post Office, but I can still hear the occasional thunder, so no go on that one. I think I'll go get soaking wet one more time, on purpose, in the shower. At least I'll have a towel close at hand so I can dry off easily.

Will I ride tomorrow? Tune in and find out...

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