Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What the... (Part Two)

I think I've finally had it with MSN Spaces (AKA Windows Live Spaces, whatever). This isn't the first time they've made wholesale changes with no warning (or at least none that I saw), and the worst thing is that most of the stuff doesn't work. Don't you think that if you had a system that thousands of people are using, and if you were going to roll out a new format, you would at least make sure the d@mn3d thing works?!? Oh, I forgot. This is MicroSquat we're talking about here.

I'm going to try massaging the site over there for another few days, but if they don't get their act together, or at least go back to a 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' standard of operation (I wish they'd go back to something that was at least mostly functional), I may just see how hard it is to migrate my old posts over here.

OK, so, I went to my bike club meeting tonight, though I likely would have blown it off if I could have. Does that sound bad? Yeah? No? Hmm. So, why did I go at all, huh? Well, turns out that I'm the VP this year, and I got a note yesterday from the Pres. (Philippe) saying he couldn't be there at could I cover for him. Well, that kinda is my job, I suppose, so I went and officiated over the meeting.

So, why would I have blown it off (even though I missed last month's meeting)? Well, it's like this. Mrs. Guy leaves for Orlando again tomorrow afternoon. She won't be back again until next Friday. However, I leave on Thursday evening to do a three-day bike tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I won't get back until Sunday, and Mrs. Guy leaves again (I think) on that following Monday. Basically, I was getting a lot of grief from Mrs. Guy for even going tonight, but I felt that at least one of us (Philippe or me) should be there.

I will say that I ended up leaving before the meeting was entirely over, though. I got through all of the agenda items at least, but I ducked out after opening the floor to open discussion. I hope nothing weird got decided and voted on after I left (like, say, my house will end up being the ride destination for the Labor Day Ride or something). I guess I'll find out eventually.

And no, Wally, you get the Labor Day Ride at your house. Done deal, 'nuff said, and all that.


GeekCyclist said...

I was on spaces briefly and while I liked the richer set of features, blogger is just easier to use and more reliable IMHO.

A lot of things are less automatic over here - like building your RSS feed.

Then again, I haven't posted since I crashed almost a month ago, so who am I to talk...

Caffeinated Librarian said...

You aren't the only one, so far the reviews of the new "Spaces" have been a universal thumbs down. I too am thinking about jumping ship, as is WHW of "Television" - and that's just of the folks I've been able to check in with. May have to email you (and Dana and Mocha, once she gets done with the conference and the beginning of school) to pick your brains about Blogger, etc. That is if you don't mind.