Friday, November 10, 2006

Ridden, Driven, and Huh? (plus an "oops")

I finally got another ride in today. This was only my second ride since the accident on Labor Day, and my first one in two weeks. I just took a simple ride on the singlespeed around tha Boulevard a few times. The singlespeed is good for early season training usually, but I guess I'm using it for early recovery training. Besides, you can't go a ll that fast on a singlespeed, and it gave me time to appreciate the scenery. Maybe I can do it again on Sunday, but it is forecasted to rain tomorrow.

I went with Mrs. Guy to pick up her new company car and turn in the old one today. The new one is a SUV/MiniVan hybrid. It took a while to get all the paperwork figured out down at the car dealer, so I wandered around the lot a little. I found a used 2006 Jeep trail-rated 4x4 for about 60% of the 'new car' price. Not bad, considering it had all of 50 miles on it. One of the signs on it said "10 miles", but I guess it had been test-driven since then and they'd put a revised sign on it as well.

Really now, somebody turned in that car after driving it 10 miles? I really wish I knew that story.

Before we left with her new car we looked it over pretty good. Mrs. Guy asked that whatever the smudge was on a back seat be cleaned off before we took possession. And then the strange but true part of the story. This brand new, and not normally inexpensive vehicle, did not have any floor mats. Not that they were missing, mind you. It didn't come with them. The guy dealing with us said "Yeah, we've got a $45,000 pickup truck over there on the other side of the lot that's the same way. The mats are an extra $80."

"You gotta be kidding me," I said. "A $45,000 vehicle and the mats cost extra? That would be a deal breaker for me."

"Yeah," said the guy, "Same for me. If I was the one to sell it I think I'd just throw them in out of my own profit."

I like that guy. I may remember that in the future.

I know that I owe you guys a lot of trivia answers right now. I will try to catch up tomorrow on that and announce the new standings (we will be starting over since there is a '50 points' winner).

Speaking of whom, GeekCyclist pointed out to me a mistake I made. Yes, I have to admit it, the Quiz-meister is fallable on (hopefully) rare occasion. As it turns out, Switzerland never converted to the Euro, so they are still using the currency they have had for however long. So, the question is still valid, but it leads you to believe something that isn't right.

Good thing I don't have a sword around to fall on.


Dana said...

A new company car? It sounds awesome! I want a new car!

Anonymous said...

That Jeep was probably a Chrysler "stock reduction" vehicle, or a repaint buy-back. I am the service manager at a Dodge dealer and I see alot of these. Usually not a problem. You may also see alot of low mileage buy-back vehicles from Texas, as that state has rediculously liberal lemon law.