Monday, November 06, 2006


OK, we’re back home from Bermuda. We got in late last night (there’s a story there, and I may yet tell it). On the whole, I enjoyed going to Bermuda, but I wish certain things had been different. What kinds of things?

I wish Mrs. Guy had more time to spend with me on Thursday and Friday. Not that I’m complaining about the time we had, because we did get a good portion of the day together, but it could have been better. Especially Friday, but there’s a little more later about that.

I wish food hadn’t been so expensive…or so good. It is expensive for two main reasons. First, a lot of it has to be imported. Bermuda grows some of its own food, but not nearly enough. Second, it’s a tourist market, and the market will bear it, especially at the nicer restaurants where we ended up for the most part. The problem with it being so good is that I ate way too much of it.

I wish the weather had been better, but you have to make the best of it. Still, I had really hoped to spend most of my “sans Mrs. Guy” time taking pictures, but the wind, clouds, and frequently light and/or misty rain put a damper (no pun intended) on that.

I wish we had…well, that’s a spoiler for tomorrow’s intended post.

I wish we hadn’t played musical rooms at the conference hotel. When we first found out we were going, we took over the reservations of the fellow that Mrs. Guy was replacing at the conference she went to attend. We added an extra day on the front end because Mrs. Guy was nervous about getting in on Thursday late with little or no time to set up for that evening. Of course, that did give us almost 24 hours free, but that’s beside the point. Our first night’s room was on a separate reservation, and it was pretty nice, but we had to move for the second and third nights into a room that wasn’t so nice. I could go on and on about it, but just to give you a small sample of the downgrade I can tell you that we went from a room with a harbour view (which was OK, but not of the ocean) to a room with a view of a wall and the hotel’s loading dock. ‘Nuff said.

I wish we hadn’t had to change hotels for the last night. Because we had to make our plane reservations so late, we couldn’t get a flight out on Saturday. The conference hotel was booked full for Saturday (huge Rugby tournament on the island). We ended up moving over to that hotel’s sister hotel in Hamilton, where we got a room with a view of … well, they said it was a “garden view”, but it was really a parking lot view, unless that’s where they grow asphalt. While Mrs. Guy was over wrapping things up back at the conference, I decided to spring for the extra $70 to upgrade us to a deluxe room with a view of most of the island and a whole lot of water. I earned points with the Mrs. On that one.

I wish we hadn’t wasted two hours on Sunday by getting to the airport early hoping to go ahead and get our bags checked in. That’s a story for another day as well.

I wish I hadn’t had to get up this morning and go to work. Gotta pay the bills, though.

Lastly, I wish that Mrs. Guy wasn’t feeling sick, but she started fighting a sore throat on Saturday and I think that the air travel pushed her resistance past its limits.

All of the above, except the last one, are really minor things, and didn’t make my time in Bermuda worse at all. On the contrary, they gave me a few stories to tell. Tomorrow I promise to start on some other stories, and maybe even tell one about two wheels.

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Dana said...

Bermuda! You lucky duck! That sounds like a fun trip. I'm sorry that things weren't perfect, but I'm glad you got to go!