Thursday, November 23, 2006

There and Back Again...

Well, that's another Thanksgiving Day in the books. We started out this morning by driving the 120 or so miles to Kingsport and started off by visiting Mrs. Guy's grandparents. We had a nice visit with her grandfather, but her grandmother barely stirred from napping in her recliner. She has fairly advanced Alzheimer's, so we decided it would be best not to wake her when she wouldn't likely know who we are.

We then drove to my parent's house only a few miles away. She-mom showed up a little later with the corn pudding, so we sat down to lunch. Dinner and conversation carried us until about 5pm or so (well, to be honest I did take a 45 minute to an hour nap in there too - have to keep up the American tradition). She-mom left then and we left about an hour later.

We finished up in Kingsport at Mrs. Guy's aunt's house. We ended up staying there about twice as long as we'd originally thought, but that was OK. All in all it was a good day. And now we're back home and Mrs. Guy is flipping through channels as I sit here next to her on the sofa.

You know there are Rules. You know to send answers to bgoab at mindspring dot com. So let's get started already.

1. Who were the Four Horesemen of the Apocalypse?

2. What are the Seven Deadly Sins (name at least six)?

3. Name the Three Musketeers plus one.

4. What was the Fifth Element (from the movie of the same name - you find out near the end)

5. What is the distinguishing feature of Hemingway Cats?

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