Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What a Pain in the Neck

I went to the doctor today. Not my orthopod, but my GP. I’ve been having a problem with my neck for a few days and Mrs. Guy told me that if it wasn’t better today I needed to go have it looked at.

It started this on Monday. Yesterday was worse. Today is almost as bad as yesterday. I must have pulled something, maybe slept on it wrong. I can’t turn my head to either side. You don’t realize how many times a day you turn your head until you can’t do it, or worse, forget that you can’t do it, try it, and have hot and cold daggers of pain invade every inch of the realm of your conscious being.

I was surprised to be able to get in to see my GP today considering that I called just this morning for an appointment. He must have had a cancellation or something. I got in at about 4 pm, but didn’t see him until almost 5:20 pm. Still, he prescribed Celebrex and Flexeril (or the generic version of Flexeril). One is an anti-inflammatory and the other is a muscle relaxer. Both have a tendency to knock you out.

So I have decided to go ahead and take one of each before sitting down to write this, but I have also decided to stop writing when they start to kick in. I don’t want to ramble on in a drug-induced stupor (or worse, a torpor), so as soon as I feel the effects, I’m going to hit the ‘Publish’ button.

In other words, don’t be surprised if this post just stops in mid-sentence at some

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dana said...

Ha ha! The last line is my favorite! :)