Saturday, October 14, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Floyd. My birthday wish for you is a quick and fair resolution to your case before USADA. I've read the documentation that you posted through your site, and I must agree that it seems very suspicious against the people performing the testing.

I've been pulling for you for some time, ever since I met you at the 2003 Tour de Georgia (you may not remember, but I have your autograph on a hat to prove it). Now I'm pulling for you again in this new test.

Good luck to you, Floyd. Oh, and I hope the hip is healing well.
And a quick Happy Birthday nod to my friend Philippe, the crazy Belgian who also happens to be the current president of my cycling club. Many happy returns.

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Sis said...

Okay, how come nobody told you Happy Birthday! October 14 is the big guys bday too...probably why he remembers these guys.