Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fe E

I was driving to work this morning and listening in to NPR (local radio news has been too ‘dumbed down’ or is too pedantic for my tastes), when I heard the following interesting clip about a new DVD that the Vatican is hoping to get out by Christmas. The DVD is about 30 minutes long, and features four animated characters to tell the story of the life of Pope John Paul II.

That is a worthy thing to do, especially if you are Catholic I suppose. It sounds like a good way to get kids to watch a lesson on one of Catholicism’s most important people from the latter part of the Twentieth Century and part-way into the Twenty-First. The characters that tell the story in this film are a pen, a diary, and two snow-white birds, all of whom can talk.

Did you get that? Two inanimate objects and two animals. That can talk.

The animators of the film said that the aim of the DVD is to present the “human side of John Paul II.”

Present the “human” side…with two inanimate objects and two animals…that can talk. “We thought animated characters could do it best,” they said.

I didn’t need any vitamins this morning when I got to work. I already had my 'One-A-Day with Irony.'

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