Friday, October 06, 2006


Sorry for running a bit late tonight. Mrs. Guy and I took some food over to a friend's who's father died this last week, and then we got caught up watching the latest X-men DVD on our new TV. I did try to come up with trivia earlier, but I just couldn't come up with a fifth question. Mrs. Guy just gave me one though, so we'll go with that. Remember to follow the Rules and to send your answers to bgoab at mindspring dot com.

1. What's the name of the cartoon character and his "pet" stuffed tiger that graced the comics pages for several years.

2. Which author owned the house where six-toed cats enjoy sanctuary to this day?

3. What is the capital of Australia (negative points if you answer "A")?

4. Which actor lent his voice to help make "Shrek" come alive on the silver screen?

5. Name the female characters featured in the game "Clue"? (This one was Mrs. Guy's.)

Bonus Question: Who drew the characters mentioned in Question One?

Mrs. Guy and I are headed off tomorrow (Friday, which at this point is actually today) for a long weekend in Blowing Rock, NC. I hope to make regular posts, but I don't promise anything.

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