Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Update (Sorry, No Chevy Chase)

I’d mentioned going to the Boulevard to ride on Saturday. Well, I never made it down there. Why not? Well, first off, I slept way too late in the morning. By the time I got up, I didn’t have time before having to run an errand for Mrs. Guy before noon. I got that done and just went to the vet clinic where she was filling in for the day, hoping we could go get lunch.

That didn’t work out either. She had so many records to complete that she wasn’t sure when she’d be done. I went on home to wait so I could get other stuff done. She finally got home at 1:30 pm or so, and we had lunch of leftovers. I thought about heading out with the bike then, but she announced that she wanted to go do some shopping and that I needed to go with her. Why? She just wanted me to drive so she could work on a PowerPoint presentation in between stores. Makes a guy feel wanted, eh? “Alright Ms. Daisy. I be drivin’.”

I eventually got home close to 5:00 pm, and knew there was no time to go to the Boulevard before dark. That’s why I decided to do a ride from the house, heading east until I felt tired or saw the light failing or had gone “far enough”.

I ended up riding only about 15 miles before I figured that the sun was getting a bit low. Besides, I didn’t want the sun in people’s eyes as they came driving up behind me. It was a decent ride, and I felt less sore (and feel less sore today) than I’d feared.

We’ll call that a successful first post-injury outing.

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Mocha said...

HEY! Good for you! It's always scary going out that first time after such an accident. Glad you had a good one.