Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oh, #%&@!!!

Well, I thought when I went to physical therapy tonight that it would be my last session. I was wrong. Dina even pulled out the original paperwork to prove to me that it said four weeks instead of just three. I was so looking forward to not going any more. Oh, well. C'est la vie, they say (at least the ones who speak French).

Let's delve right into trivia on that note, okay?
Mrs. Guy is becoming even more involved in picking out the weekly questions. She is a leat in part responsible for most of this week's questions. Remember to follow the stated Rules, and to send your answers to bgoab at mindspring dot com. Let's begin...

1. Each branch of the US military has it's own band, and some have more than one. Which branch has a bluegrass band?

2. Where did Chris Columbus land on this day in 1492 (be as specific as you can)?

3. Portnoy and Hodge Podge were characters in what comic strip that started in the 1980s?

4. What is the distinguishing feature of a Manx cat?

5. What color is the number 5 billiard ball?

Bonus question: What were Portnoy and Hodge Podge?

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