Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Good Evening

I finally have something bike-related to talk about again! Hurray!

I went down to the Bike Zoo this evening. My bike has been mended and is ready for riding. Too bad I’m still not allowed to yet. But the bike will wait on me.

I met Franklin in the parking lot (he just beat me to a close parking space, but waited for me to walk in). I got inside and Wally and Caroline were also there hanging around. Caroline said they were just talking about me. She has a plate on one of her collarbones from last year and is contemplating having it taken out over the Thanksgiving holidays. I guess you can’t say “plate” and “collarbone” down at the Bike Zoo without working me into the conversation somewhere.

Jay and Ron showed up a little later, as did Jon C. and Kent and a few other people I know by sight but not by name. It was a very popular night. Wally invited me to head over to dinner with him, Ron and Jay. They were going to Wok Hay to talk about their team for the 12-hour race coming up at the end of the month. It’s the same team I would have been on both this year and last except for my misfortunes with frangible clavicles.

Did you have to look up “frangible”? It’s OK if you did, you know. Here, I’ll even make it easy for you with this link.

They have a fourth member for their team, but he couldn’t make it tonight, so I filled his seat at the dinner table. I know they were intending to talk about the race, but that took about 2 minutes of conversation time. The rest of the hour or so that we were there was spent talking about a wide array of stuff, including where the best positions my be for me to get pictures at the race. Other stuff discussed included chopstick usage, cell phones (merits, features, et cetera), iPix technology, sniper rifles, … you know, the usual stuff.

So anyway, I was happy to get my bike back, and I was happy to hang out with my cycling buddies at the bike shop and at dinner. I now don’t have time to hit the trainer, but I guess I’ll just have to make an extra effort to get over my disappointment somehow. Maybe I’ll just listen to my Eisenhowers CD. Yeah, that might do it.

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